Salt Lake River Kayak

Float down the peaceful Qaloqalo River, past dense mangrove forests, to the remote Salt Lake. Here you’ll experience the pure tranquility and silence of this untouched region. Fed by the ocean tides, the pristine lake covers 100 acres, and creates an inland sea perfect for kayaking. Ancient Fijians used the river as a short cut to the beautiful Natewa Bay.

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Signature experience

Vuodomo Waterfall

Vuadomo waterfall is about 30 kilometers from Savusavu on the west side of Vanua Levu. Here you can experience a local Fijian village, before taking a short walk to the waterfall and enjoy a dip in the refreshing water. An excellent opportunity for photographs and seeing Fiji’s beautiful hinterland.

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Herbal Walking Tour

Fiji has an abundance of beautiful plants and herbs. During this informative and hands-on tour you’ll discover some of the natural medicinal qualities they possess, and the practical ways in which they’ve been used by the Fijian people for hundreds of years. This tour takes place right at Savasi Island.

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    Volcanic outcrops

    One of the first things you’ll notice at Savasi are the stunning volcanic outcrops on which the villas are built. The majority of Fiji’s islands were in fact formed through volcanic activity starting around 150 million years ago, and geothermal activity still occurs on the islands of Vanua Levu and Taveuni. Today you can still witness this unique topography.

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    • two women overlooking tropical rainforest and sea views


    Take a gentle walk or a more serious hike through the thick Fijian jungle and energise your senses. There are a range of rainforest experiences awaiting you all within an hour of Savasi Island.

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    Experience the magic of this pristine and untouched region by paying a visit to Ocean Ventures. Located just 30 minutes by road from Savasi Island Resort in Natewa Bay, this authentic and small-scale dive shop offers bespoke scuba diving and snorkeling trips, diving courses, and coral conservation experiences that will leave you wanting more. Tropical rainforest meets crystal clear waters of the largest bay in the South Pacific, where you’ll take in an abundance of hard and soft corals, reef fish, reef sharks, rays and turtles – as maybe even spot the resident pod of spinner dolphins.

    Reach out to info@oceanventuresfiji.com for more information

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    Mud Crabbing

    Mud crabs hide in estuaries and mangroves during the day and come out after dark. At the right time of year, you’ll be able to learn traditional hunting methods. Bring your catch to the kitchen and enjoy the taste of your freshly caught seafood..

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    • Woman walking along reef at low tide

    Guided Reef and Rockpool Walk

    The reef is brimming with life at low-tide and there are many beautiful rockpools to explore. Please ask our activities team for guidance and take special care not to tread on the coral. We recommend wearing reef shoes, sunscreen and a hat.

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    Stand Up Paddle Boarding

    Stand up paddle surfing is a fun water activity suitable for everyone – and there’s no need to schedule around high or low tides.  Just grab a board and go.

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    Enjoy this majestic sight right from our restaurant – or get up close and personal, by kayaking across the canal to the coral flat. This natural phenomena is caused by shafts in the coral growing inwards and upwards, allowing water to pressurise and stream out at the reefs surface.

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    • Coral reef restoration in Fiji

    Snorkeling & Coral Reef Conservation Experience

    During this fascinating snorkeling trip to Natewa Bay, tour a coral nursery and participate in a hands-on coral nursery experience. Enjoy the beauty of the reef and the opportunity to contribute to a coral restoration program. Please note this activity is arranged by an external operator, must be booked at least 24 hours in advance and requires a minimum of two people per booking. See more information at oceanventuresfiji.com

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    • Man snorkelling on tropical reef

    Natewa Bay Half-day Snorkeling Excursion

    This half-day excursion takes you on a scenic journey to the best reefs in nearby Natewa Bay, renowned for crystal clear waters, stunning hard and soft corals and healthy populations of reef fish, sharks, rays and turtles. You may even spot a resident pod of dolphins (although sightings are not guaranteed). See more information at oceanventuresfiji.com

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    Split Rock Snorkeling

    Split Rock is 150 metres off shore in Savusavu Bay located just 15 minutes from Savasi Island. This large coral head is named for the distinctive split down one side. At the bottom of the split you can see purple gorgonian fans and pale yellow soft corals.

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    • woman spearfishing underwater


    Spearfishing is an ancient method of hunting and a way of life for many people in Fiji. Let our activities staff introduce you to this exciting underwater experience allowing a range of local catches from wahoo, to tuna, and mackerel.

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    Moonlight Snorkel

    Experience a whole different world beneath the waves after dark. The reef comes alive, with corals opening up like flowers and shrimp scampering like bees to their honey. A rewarding experience for whoever gives it a try!

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    Cooking classes

    Let our experienced chefs guide you through the preparation of a dish like banilolo (steamed coconut bread) or kokoda (fresh walu in coconut cream), a refreshing Fijian specialty. You’ll learn about some staple local ingredients and how to weave them into tantalising Fijian cuisine.

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    • smiling fijian church congregation

    Local church

    If you wish to experience a Fijian church service at a nearby village, you will be very welcome on any given Sunday. Enjoy the soulful harmonies of the choir and hear a pastors address his congregation.

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    Coconut Demonstration

    Learn about the amazing coconut tree and its many uses in Fiji which give it the name ‘Tree of Life’. You’ll learn the history of weaving palm fronds and can try making your own Fijian crafts.

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    Pearl Farm Tour

    Black J. Hunter pearls are one of the prides of Fiji, and sought after internationally for their unique, non-traditional colours. Located just 15 minutes away in Savusavu Bay, this makes an excellent excursion and snorkelling trip. Visit fijipearls.com for more information.

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    • traditional fijian resort entertainment


    Music is woven into the fabric of Fiji and the ‘Meke’ embraces traditional song and dance to tell of legends, love stories, and spirits of the islands. Dances can vary from a hair-raising warriors spear dance, to a gentle and graceful fan dance.

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    Our serene and magical surroundings provide a blissful setting to relax the mind, body and spirit. Enjoy complimentary daily sessions with your instructor Torika, on our private beach, overwater deck, or villa patio. Disconnect from the stresses of the world and reconnect with nature.

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    • fijian woman smiling and holding pink yoga mat


    A traditional lovo feast at Savasi is a wonderful way to experience the real Fiji. An array of meats and vegetables are placed in an earth oven, lined with palms and hot coals, and left to cook over a number of hours. The resulting flavours are deliciously earthy and smokey.

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    • young woman visiting fijian village

    Village visit

    Guests can experience life in a local village first hand. Learn about the culture and traditions, attend a church service, or practice a little Fijian with the people widely considered the friendliest in the world!

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    Seasonal experience


    During this annual event, many types of coral will simultaneously release their spawn in the form of ‘balolo’ worms. Occurring during November, the spectacle is unique to Fiji and Samoa. The annual arrival of ‘balolo’ is signalled by the excited shouting of villagers everywhere, who will rush to collect the moss green or reddish-brown worms. They are considered a Pacific delicacy, not unlike caviar.

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    Local market

    Savusavu market boasts a myriad of fresh fruit and vegetables, as well as unique local foods like cassia bark (cinnamon), bush dhaniya (coriander), wild honey, avocado, cabacaba lobster, fresh mullet and sici shells. We reccommend visiting on a Saturday.

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    Kokomana Cocoa Farm and Chocolate Factory

    Explore how cocoa can be grown sustainably in a beautiful, environmentally friendly ‘agroforest’ amongst the biodiversity of plants, birds and butterflies. Experience the magical transformation of a fruity cocoa bean to smooth, fine flavour chocolate. KokoMana tours end with a delicious chocolate tasting and an opportunity to buy chocolate products. Visit kokomanafiji.com for more information.

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    • Group of tourists river tubing in Fiji

    Tubing at Vunivesi River

    This fun tour includes calm water drifting, small rapids and lush tropical scenery. Your guided adventure begins with a scenic 40 minute drive to Vunivesi, where you will visit a traditional Fijian village before your river tubing experience begins. Includes return transport cost from Savasi Island.

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