• Sustainability at Savasi Island Resort

Our Goal

At Savasi, we recognise the importance of sustainability and responsible travel. Our goal is to preserve our natural environment and protect our cultural and natural heritage. We are committed to fostering cultural awareness through respect for the land and Fijian people, championing local businesses and experiences, as well as fostering local employment opportunities. Guests and staff are invited to join our commitment and help safeguard our unique destination for generations to come


At Savasi Island Resort, we believe in taking care of our communities and environment. Through initiatives focused on locally sourced food, sustainable practices, and philanthropic efforts, we strive to ensure a healthy planet for generations to come.


  • We have eliminated the use of single-use plastic like straws, cups and cutlery throughout the resort.
  • We encourage the use of a central water refill station over single-use plastic bottles.


  • Guests may opt-out of daily housekeeping, reducing water usage associated with laundry and cleaning processes.
  • We encourage guests to reuse towels during their stay to conserve resources.

Food Supply

  • We source the majority (over 80%) of our food locally, including produce grown from our very own Salt Lake farm.
  • We aim to minimise food waste and spoilage in our kitchen.
  • We offer a variety of vegetarian and vegan options on our menu, reducing the environmental impact associated with meat production.

Natural Materials & Infrastructure

  • We have retained the lush topography of the island, exclusively planting indigenous species best suited to the local environment, providing food and habitat and encouraging biodiversity.
  • We utilise organic materials wherever possible in our building practices including local timber, sand and crushed rock
  • Our infrastructure embraces traditional Fijian architecture, with elevated buildings, louvered windows and high ceilings designed to maximise airflow and reduce reliance on artificial cooling.


We believe that sustainability extends beyond the boundaries of our resort. We are committed to supporting and uplifting the communities that surround us. Here’s how we’re making a positive impact:

Investing in the Community

We support the local community through donations that support healthcare, women’s and children’s services and other essential areas.

Empowering Local Businesses

Our tours and activities are thoughtfully considered to showcase local guides and businesses. This not only ensures authentic and enriching experiences for our guests but also provides economic opportunities for individuals and enterprises within the community.

Celebrating Local Artistry

We provide a platform for local villages to showcase their talents through performances such as the traditional ‘meke’, highlighting this traditional form of folk song and dance .

Promoting  Cultural Awareness and Respect

Guests at the resort are encouraged to experience local culture, heritage, language and traditions, and educated on visitor etiquette. By fostering awareness and understanding, we encourage respectful and rewarding interactions between our guests and the communities they visit.

Responsible Travel Experiences

Snorkel or Dive with Ocean Ventures

Explore the vibrant marine world with Ocean Ventures Fiji who offer our guests the opportunity to dive and snorkel in the pristine waters of Natewa Bay.

Deeply committed to sustainability, Ocean Ventures implements a coral restoration program aimed at reviving damaged corals, inviting guests to join new coral conservation experiences.

Learn about the importance and biology of corals, visit coral nurseries, and actively participate in maintaining them, under the guidance of experienced conservationists Matthew and Sara.

This unique experience not only allows guests to explore the beauty of Natewa Bay’s underwater landscapes but also enables them to foster a deeper understanding of marine ecosystems and promoting environmental stewardship.

Sustainable Cacao Farming Tour 

Our collaboration with Kokomana Chocolate Farm allows guests to see how local cocoa is grown under best-practice environmentally sustainable conditions, and learn about the many processing steps that is used to develop the unique flavour of Kokomana chocolate. Kokomana is committed to sustainability and has the following practices in place.

The farm advocates for the wider use of mixed-species agroforestry systems which are more resilient in the face of droughts, heavy rainfall and other extreme weather associated with climate change.

Kokomana highlights the importance of  respect for the environment and conservation of biodiversity during these tours. Sustainability practices are also encouraged in day to day operations at the farm.

We supply Kokomana chocolate samples in our rooms and encourage all Savasi Island Resort guests to include a visit to the farm during their stay.

From Farm to Table: Discover Fiji’s natural abundance first-hand

In neighbouring Natewa Bay, we have established fruit and vegetable plantations to supply our resort kitchen. This picturesque region has verdant land and rich soil ideal for farming, and is easily accessible by road from Savasi Island Resort.

A fantastic opportunity to experience it first-hand is during our Salt Lake Kayaking tour. After floating down the peaceful Qaloqalo river, you’ll be guided to spectacular hilltops to take in the breathtaking views, where azure waters meet the lush, emerald coastline. Here, plantations of fruit like bananas grow readily and you’ll be invited to pick and savour the sweetest run-ripened fruits, straight from the tree.

This experience aims to provide guests with an appreciation of Fiji’s natural abundance and to connect them with our culinary philosophy. Upon their return to the resort, you will bring back not only baskets brimming with fresh produce but a meaningful connection between the land and the food served at Savasi Island Resort.